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    I completely agree.  The emblems from Traveling Merchant need their prices dropped.  Rares need their prices dropped from 50 gems down to 20 (They'd still be a waste of gems, but it'd be feasible for someone to buy them if they were close to completion and impatient).

    SR emblems should cost 50 gems, which would still be too pricy, but I don't expect them to sell anything for cheap.

    SSR emblems should also have a rare chance of showing up in the traveling merchant and be made available for 150 gems.

    Food should have a guaranteed chance of showing up in the traveling merchant, with the current price tag of 60 food for 50 gems.  There should be a chance of it selling 120 food for 100 gems instead.

    Heroic essences should have an extremely rare chance of showing up in the Traveling Merchant with a price tag of 100 gems.

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