Kaylith's SSR Artifacts



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    Thanks for the very detailed feedback. This has been escalated to our design team for them to evaluate.

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    My initial value of true damage was flawed.  I had assumed defense was a point damage reduction system, but it is percentage-based, so true damage becomes increasingly useful later in the game.  Kaylith's SSR artifacts were more effective than I had originally thought, but do still need improvement.  Here are my new suggestions:

    Great Thunder Nunchaku: Ferocious wind energy whips around Kaylith with every attack she makes, increasing Attack Power by a stacking 5% for 6 seconds and also striking the target for bonus True Damage ◆ (ignores defenses) equal to 5% of Attack Power.
    Level 2: True Damage ◆ increased to 10% of Attack Power
    Level 3: True Damage ◆ increased to 15% of Attack Power
    Level 4: True Damage ◆ increased to 25% of Attack Power

    Reason: Only one piece of the ability is increasing, so that piece needs to increase faster to keep up with the level of improvement gained by other artifacts that are increasing the whole bonus.

    Celestial Chainsticks: Vigorous wind energy rushes around Kaylith with every attack she makes, increasing Defense by a stacking 5% for 6 seconds and also healing her for 10% of her Attack Power.
    Level 2: Defense increased to 6% and healing increased to 12% of her Attack Power
    Level 3: Defense increased to 8% and healing increased to 15% of her Attack Power
    Level 4: Defense increased to 10% and healing increased to 20% of her Attack Power

    The reason behind the disproportional increases, is that while Celestial Chainsticks are getting increases to both bonuses, the Great Thunder Nunchaku is only getting an increase to one.  While Celestial Chainsticks appear to make Kaylith quite tanky, she is sacrificing damage to gain defensive bonuses as a non-defensive hero.

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