Encaria's Golden Seafoam Obi DMG Proc


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    To clarify, I've long since realized that the damage dealt is just once on the next attack of the ally target; and not for 10 seconds or the duration of the shield, and that's what you intended for it to do.

    That's a very small bonus for something that is only happening once, added to an ability that is most efficient if used on a hero or troop that is under attack to need the heal, and durable to buy a lot of time from being healed -- likely to be someone for whom dealing 250% of their low attack power to the nearby enemy tanks is unimpressive at best.  These SSR artifacts reduced their better bonus, which was the health shield and defense, in order to add a damage proc that isn't a big deal.

    No matter who this is targeting, it's most likely to be tanks doing the damage, or tanks or durable melee getting hit by it -- both things that make 250% attack power, one time, not serve a useful purpose.  The only way it can be reliably effective is if the player is using a damage dealer as a tank, which is extremely hazardous to that hero and when the heal is done, if that hero even survives until the next heal, then it's also causing nothing else in the army to benefit from encaria's on-target heal.  The issue with the bonus is that there are just extremely rare cases where the attack power buff is useful, and even in those cases, it is not a large amount of damage.

    The damage should be cut in half, but turned into True Damage.  That would make it useful more often, without making it overpowered.

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